Implant Placement in St. Albert, Alberta

Whether an accident causes sudden tooth loss or teeth are lost to gradual decay, tooth loss is almost always traumatic. Losing a tooth negatively affects day-to-day activities in several ways. It not only affects the strength of a person's bite, but can decrease enjoyable social activities. In cases of multiple missing teeth, the structure of the face is affected, as well as an individual's speech. To aid with these issues, a dental procedure known as implant restoration is recommended. We at McKenney Corner Dental, St. Albert, recommend this treatment to our patients due to the numerous advantages that are associated with it:

  • Implants are strong and durable- They can last a lifetime, with proper maintenance.
  • Adhesives are not required. No need to struggle with the need to remove them like for dentures.
  • Implants do not depend on the support of surrounding teeth.
  • They look almost identical to the surrounding, natural teeth.
  • They provide both the aesthetic value and comparable biting strength to healthy, natural teeth.

The abutment utilized in implant restoration procedures is fabricated of bio-compatible material such as titanium- Proven to be both safe for implanting and strong. It fuses with the bone, creating a permanent bond.

An artificial tooth is subsequently attached to the implant, once the site of the operation is healed. A secure tooth, indistinguishable from natural teeth by the naked eye, is the final result.

To determine whether or not implant restorations are a suitable fit for your condition, Contact us at McKenney Corner Dental Care in St. Albert today for more information.

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Dental Implant Placement in St. AlbertImplant Placement in St. Albert

Implant Placement in St. Albert ABDental Implant Placement in St. Albert AB

Implant Placement in St. Albert Alberta