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Severe tooth pain can be a challenging experience that a patient can go through. One of the common reasons for tooth pain is when the tooth has deep decay. If the decay is extensive enough, it can create an opening in the tooth where food debris and bacteria can enter which can cause an infection.


What is a root canal?

Inside the center of the tooth is highly sensitive soft tissue known as dental pulp. Dental pulp provides the tooth with nerves and blood vessels and allows it to stay healthy. However, if the tooth becomes infected, it can lead to the dental pulp becoming infected as well and possibly dying. To prevent the dental pump from harming the tooth, our St. Albert dental offices offer root canal therapy to remove the problematic dental pulp.


Is a root canal painful?

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal does not increase your tooth pain. In fact, a root canal helps to eliminate the pain by removing the infection and allowing your tooth to heal. 


With the help of modern technology and anesthetics, most of our patients say they do not feel pain during a root canal treatment with us. We always consider our patients comfortability around sedation and pain, so if you’re ever worried about this, we can always speak to you about the types of sedation we offer to our patients. 


With regards to post-treatment, you may feel pain the first few days of treatment, especially if there was pain or infection prior to the treatment. This can be easily relieved with over-the-counter pain medications or prescribed medications. 


What happens during a root canal therapy in St. Albert?

During a root canal procedure, our dentists in St. Albert will make a small incision into the tooth and carefully remove the dental pulp. Once the dental pulp has been removed, the inner pulp chamber is thoroughly cleaned and the tooth is refilled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The tooth is resealed with a special filling material and capped with a dental crown to protect the tooth and prevent further damage. To ensure your complete comfort during your procedure, our emergency dentists in St. Albert, Dr. Robbie Gill and Dr Schnepf, will use local anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort. 


What can patients eat after a root canal therapy?

For the first few days post-treatment, always eat soft foods as you don’t want food getting stuck in your temporary filling. Avoid hard or hot foods that might hurt your teeth. We always suggest to not eat for a few hours until the numbness in your mouth wears off so you don’t bite your cheek or tongue. 


To learn more about root canal therapy and how we can help your smile, contact McKenney Corner Dental Center in St. Albert, Alberta, to set up an appointment.


Root Canal Therapy in St. Albert, AlbertaRoot Canal Therapy in St. Albert, AB

Root Canal Therapy in St. AlbertRoot Canal Treatment in St. Albert, Alberta

Root Canal Treatment in St. Albert, AB

Last Updated On 2021-09-22