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Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions in St. Albert

While we always strive to provide treatment to maintain the health of your natural teeth, there may be situations when a tooth extraction is unavoidable. These may include problems related to your wisdom teeth, such as impacted teeth or overcrowding, or when a tooth is extensively damaged and beyond repair.

What Is the Extraction Process?

A tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure that is performed under a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. Your dentist will loosen your tooth using a tool called an elevator and then extract it from your gums using forceps.

What to Expect After an Extraction?

It’s common to experience some discomfort after the extraction procedure. Your dentist may recommend painkillers to help minimize any pain, but these effects will subside within a few days. The treatment area will feel sore while your gum heals, so it’s best to avoid hard or chewy foods and opt for soft foods such as soup instead.