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If you want a more aesthetically pleasing smile, or if you want to maintain the shape of your face, dental bridges may be the right choice for your dental needs. At our dental office in St. Albert, McKenney Corner Dental Care, we offer one of the best quality dental bridges in Alberta. We don’t want you to worry about frail bridges, or feel discomfort in your mouth. So, we ensure that our work is top-tier in dentistry. 


What are dental bridges?

Dental Bridges are designed to fill gaps between teeth (typically due to missing teeth) by bridging them with a durable and natural-looking artificial tooth.


They are secured by using the two surrounding teeth as the foundation, and they can also be used to fill gaps in instances where there are multiple teeth missing. They are semi-permanent, meaning that they can be removed, but only by a trained dental professional. Dental bridges are considered to be quite comfortable and have been proven to strengthen teeth while improving your overall oral health. 


What happens during a dental bridge appointment?

Our dentists in St. Albert will separate the dental bridge procedure in multiple visits: The first phase focuses on building a strong foundation, often by preparing the surrounding teeth for dental crowns. Meanwhile, the second phase consists of taking an impression of the gap and its surrounding teeth in order to be sent to the lab so that the customized bridge can be created. The third and the final phase is when the bridge is positioned and sealed into place by Dr. Gill or Dr. Schnepf. In the end, with ample diligence and care, bridges may last a lifetime. 


Our renowned team can even do dental implants at our St. Albert location first and then add the bridge afterwards, which can strengthen the bridge even more. However, this all depends on your dental needs and issues. We often do dental checkups and consultations first before performing any procedures on our patients. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about dental bridges, or book an appointment online!

Dental Bridges in St. AlbertDental Bridges in St. Albert AB

Dental Bridges in St. Albert, AlbertaDental Bridges St. Albert, Alberta

Last Updated On 2021-09-22