Dental Crowns in St. Albert

At McKenney Corner Dental Care, your cosmetic dentists in St. Albert, we provide you the best dental care. We want our patients to feel confident in their smiles, which is why we’re proud to offer dental crowns to replace missing and damaged teeth. 


What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns (otherwise known as "dental caps") are a restorative dental procedure which fully cover the tooth and are cemented into place right above the gum line, restoring your tooth with either a natural-looking ceramic crown, a gold tooth (crown), or a combination of materials. 


They are fabricated from a variety of materials including gold, porcelain, ceramic, or metallic alloys. When applied by one of our dentists in St. Albert, along with diligent at-home maintenance, dental crowns can restore bite strength and improve overall oral health for a lifetime. 


What happens during a dental crown appointment?

Our dentists, Dr. Gill or Dr. Schnepf will do a consultation first before performing any procedures on you. Once they’ve taken x-rays and concluded that a dental crown is the best solution for your dental needs, they’ll book two appointments with you. On the first visit, our dentists will do the following: 

  • file down the tooth that needs to be restored, and then take an impression of your teeth. This impression is used to make the artificial tooth with the use of restorative materials. 
  • Sometimes, an impression is sent to the dental lab or is done with a CEREC machine, depending on which crown the patient and dentist chooses to do. Until the crown is finished, our dentist may place a temporary crown on the decayed tooth to prevent further damage.

On the second visit, our dentists will remove the temporary crown and will place the permanent crown that was made in the laboratory or in the CEREC machine. 


If you think dental crowns, or “caps” are the best solution for your dental problems, get in touch with us or book an appointment online!


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Last Updated On 2021-09-22