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At McKenney Corner Dental, your most trusted dental office in St. Albert, we prioritize your dental health and care over everything else. A healthy smile means a happy one. If your teeth and gums are filled with plaque and are left untreated or poorly cleaned, it will turn into a big cavity, which can turn into a root canal or worst case, an extraction. This is why dental hygiene services are very important and vital to your dental health. 


What are the services that are normally offered for dental hygiene?

The services normally offered for dental hygiene are: 

  • Regular oral examinations from our dentists in St. Albert: our dentists will look at your mouth to see if you have any underlying dental problems such as cavities, chipped teeth, gum disease and more.
  • Routine cleanings from our renowned dental hygienists: our hygienists will clean off plaque and tartar off your teeth and gums, decreasing your risk of tooth decay.
  • Flouride treatments: To prevent decay and keep your teeth in optimal condition, our fluoride treatments contain higher amounts of fluoride compared to over-the-counter dental products so can offer your teeth more protection.
  • Sealants: A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the back teeth, where chewing predominantly occurs. It prevents tooth decay.
  • Gum Therapy: If you have gum disease, our non surgical gum therapy can help eliminate the harmful bacteria that has built up below the gumline. Our gum therapy treatments include medication, curettage, and root-planing to help stop the chronic source of infection and allow your gum tissues to heal.

What happens during a dental hygiene appointment?

Our hygienists will first and foremost ask you dental and medical questions, and consent to perform a dental cleaning on you. They will then take your x-rays for our dentists to look over after you’re done your cleaning. Then, they’ll scale your teeth in order to remove plaque on the crevices of your teeth and gums. Next, they’ll polish your teeth and floss it in order to ensure that no leftover bacteria and dirt is left behind. To end your cleaning off, they’ll tell you to gargle a flouride treatment solution for one minute. 


The dentist will come in and perform a dental checkup on you in St. Albert. They’ll look at the x-rays and your mouth, and will listen to our hygienist’s prognosis. Our renowned dentists will make sure you walk out of our practice with a clean mouth and a healthy smile. 


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Hygiene Services in St. Albert, AlbertaHygiene Services in St. Albert, ABHygiene Services in St. Albert

Last Updated On 2021-10-28